David Marseille

David MArseilleDavid “Marseille” is originally from Dakar, capital of Senegal in West Africa.  David’s fashion sense came to blossom during his teenage years.  David decided to relocate and moved to the United States in 1997 after living in France.  While in France, David continued to pursue his love for fashion by visiting numerous fashion houses across the country.

Upon transitioning into the United States, David worked for assorted celebrity fashion boutiques, such as Apollo Express and Versailles in New York City.  David took his time observing the business and how it was run while at the same time respectively enhancing his craft, skills and innovation.

David made a decision to go out on his own and began working out of his home and then a garage in Harlem before opening his store “Marseille Fashion” in downtown Brooklyn, New York.  The name Marseille comes from the city of Marseille in France.

David’s move was very strategic as he was aware that the majority of the clients from the stores he worked, were from Brooklyn.  A long with providing the downtown area with something new, local as far as not having to cross the bridge and bringing up the style and culture of the area.  If you take a little more time to think or are involved in entertainment and/or the arts David knows more than it appears.  Brooklyn is often regarded as the new Hollywood by Filmmakers and is now home to the NBA Brooklyn Nets.


NabuNabu, also from Senegal, whom has an incredible love for fashion entered the industry as a model.  She previously used to model across the country of Senegal and local surrounding countries.  When Nabu moved to the United States, her determination was to do something different and more than just model in fashion.

Nabu was introduced to David by a family member who had new of her love for fashion of which David offered her a position as a Sales Representative in Marseille Fashion.  Nabu took the opportunity, opted to revamp and enhance her contribution to the flourishing and stylish Marseille Fashion.  Less than a year into her employment at Marseille Fashion, Nabu began styling the mannequins in the store and soon after, dressing the window.

Nabu observed how David worked and then developed her own style to compliment his work.  She enjoys designing beads and rhinestone arrangements amongst other things.  Presently Nabu is studying to be a seamstress at F.I.T..